Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Raspberry and Blueberry Picking

Raspberry and Blueberry Picking

One of the best treats while I was growing up was picking raspberries from my Nana's raspberry patch. That's probably why it is something I LOVE to do now.

My twin daughters and I went on Saturday morning With raspberry season nearly over, the berries were super ripe and delicious, but very perishable.

Blueberry bushes were loaded with fruit and easy to pick. We've enjoyed them just plain, in yogurt parfaits, on cereal, and....in blueberry crisp!

My daughter Amy picking blueberries

My daughter Elizabeth is filling her bucket with blueberries.
Yes, Elizabeth and Amy are twins!

Blueberries were thick on the vine!

Amy and Suzanne with the raspberries and three flats of blueberries

Weighing station for all the pickers!

Gorgeous onions in their market....shiny and colorful!

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